Monday, January 12, 2009

Aliens: "Don't build Kingsnorth 2"

"Like don't burn the coal, dude. It's baaad"

IN A CASE of life imitating a crap remake of an old B-movie, it appears that aliens, imitating the the superhuman acting of Keanununu Reeves, having been flying over Medway in effort to persuade us not to destroy the only world we have.

KCC have denied that they have denied that they were flying any secret spy-planes in enemy Medway Council airspace:

"KCC can confirm that no secret craft were launched from any of the secret bases that don't exist under Manston aiport."

It is understood that Greenpeace will be bringing along Alien diplomats to their next court case over Kingsnorth power station, along with their usual cast of Dr James Hansen, Zac "Ecologist-Turned-Tory-Stooge" Goldsmith, some local greenies and a bunch of pissed off Inuit who have lost their livelihoods to global warming.