Friday, January 9, 2009

Return of the Killer KIG Monster

Can the plucky Hobbits of Maidstone defeat the evil AXA of Evil?


"The application has been stalled for months because of a failure by AXA/KIG to provide adequate replies to the Maidstone Borough Council’s requests for information.

The Council has now received further information from AXA/KIG which it considers obliges it to undertake further public consultation on this additional material and, subsequently, to enable a comprehensive assessment of the planning application.

The Council’s further consultation process starts on 9th January and lasts for three weeks. Objections should be made to the Council within that period.

Watch out for communications from the Council and from your Parish Council, as the Joint Parishes Group is also objecting to the application. Keep an eye out for further comment in the Kent Messenger and Downs Mail. Visit the Council’s website. KIG is one of its Popular Links will make a more detailed comment when we have assimilated the latest information, so please keep a check on our website.

It is vital that everyone who objected before responds to this latest consultation. People must react quickly as the Council has had to give a 21 day time limit. If people did not object previously, they can still object. We must not give AXA/KIG an opportunity for spin by saying that because so few responded to the consultation, people see the benefit in the application and are now supporting it. AXA/KIG must get the message that this is an entirely inappropriate and unjustifiable application for this area.

If you do nothing else when the re-consultation process starts, write to or email the Council saying “I have noted the further information and my original objection remains”. Equally importantly, make sure your friends and neighbours register their objections.

Richard Horton

Chairman - 7th January 2009