Thursday, January 8, 2009

Road closure triggers riot

UN Peacekeepers sent in to save Kent Highways workmen from the angry mob and allow humanitarian aid to get through to Wrotham Heath.

KENT HIGHWAYS GOT a frosty reception this morning when they decided to close the A25 through Borough Green yesterday morning.

But things soon got hot as angry drivers got stuck in queue that was even more stationary than normal.

A lorry driver caught trying to run over a workman told police:

"It's like Mad Max, man. The world's come to an end an' ya gotta fight fer wots yors. These pricks wuz stoppin' me from gettin' me bacon butty from the layby burger van near Westerham. Its no' ryt, I tell ya. A man's gotta eat overwize wot are we? Savages behind the wheel of 10 tonnes of steel."